NEMwatch v10.3 released, and featured in coverage of QLD’s heatwave

Early last week we made v10.3 of NEMwatch available to download for our existing clients. The release contained a bug fix to one of the pricing metrics along with some other minor tweaks to the interface. Just after release, the software was featured in some of the coverage of QLD’s heatwave that ended with prolonged extreme wholesale prices in the state.


NEMwatch v10.3 released

The release of v10.3 corrected an issue that arose after the implementation of 5-minute settlement in October 2021, where the ‘cumulative price’ metric displayed was based on 30-minute intervals that were previously used in it’s calculations. This has now been fixed and the cumulative price is now calculated based on the market’s newly implements 5-minute settlement intervals. In addition to this, the release also included minor tweaks to some labels and colours in the main interface.

You can download the latest version of the software here.



NEMwatch used to explain QLD’s early February heatwave

Just as we had finished releasing these changes last week, Queensland was experiencing a heatwave which resulted in volatile prices and a load-shedding near-miss. Screenshots from NEMwatch were used on WattClarity to exhibit demand rising to peak levels last Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, our very own Paul McArdle was quoted in the Australian Financial Review’s coverage of the potential blackouts where he predicted a long run of extreme prices for the state that evening.