NEMwatch widget front page of the Australian during heatwave

The month of January 2019 saw extreme temperatures registered across much of the Australian continent.  As a result, high levels of electricity demand were experienced – and pushed electricity supply infrastructure (generation, and transmission/distribution) to the limit.

On Friday 25th January, journalists at the Australian reproduced of a snapshot from the NEMwatch widget showing the 17:40 dispatch interval (NEM time) on Thursday 24th January (with a couple artistic tweaks) – here’s a view of the print edition, with the full copy of the online article “Heat stress: power crisis hits home” here:

You can find the live updating version of this RenewEconomy-sponsored “Live Supply & Demand Widget”, which some just call the NEMwatch widget, on a (still) growing number of locations:

  • Here on this NEMwatch portal;
  • Also on RenewEconomy here;
  • And on a steadily growing number of other locations.  It’s no charge to embed the live updating widget – just follow the instructions under the <EMBED> button on the widget itself.

For those seeking to learn more about the effects of the heatwave, some articles on our WattClarity energy-sector commentary site will be of some assistance: