NEM-Watch Release v9

NEM-Watch v9 provides new visibility into the NEM for everyone who is interested in emissions intensity in the NEM, and in the different fuel types that are contributing to our electricity supply.

Generation by Fuel Type

If you are interested in the relative contribution of various fuels to our electricity supply then NEM-Watch v9 will now show you generation by fuel type on both 5 minute and 30 minute basis. Use NEM-Watch to understand how the contributions of the various fuel types are influenced by factors such as time of day, weather, or demand.

Using NEM-Watch you can now see

  • generation by fuel type for the whole NEM, or you can break it down by individual region
  • generation for the individual fuel types Black Coal, Brown Coal, Hydro, Liquid Fuels, Natural Gas, Wind, and others
  • a trend of generation by fuel type with up to 21 days of history

Generation by fuel type trend chart.

NEM-Watch also offers a point-in time view of the relative fuel use in the different regions – use NEM-Watch to understand fuel use in each of the different regions in the NEM.

Generation By Fuel Type for the Current Dispatch Interval

Emissions Intensity

NEM-Watch now calculates and displays an indication of the emissions intensity for each of the NEM regions.

Emissions Intensity Trend Chart

The display in NEM-Watch is based on SCADA “as-generated” data published by AEMO for selected units every 5 minutes, and on published emissions factors for each of these units.

Updated Supply and Demand Reference

NEM-Watch includes a “Supply and Demand” reference for each region that shows AEMO’s forecast demand scenarios for the forthcomming year. We have updated these figures based on the data available from the AEMO web site. To see these figures simply select the region you are interested in from the “Supply and Demand” section of the “Show Windows” drop down menu item.

Improved Layouts

NEM-Watch 9 includes a number of useability improvements designed to make NEM-Watch much more “friendly” and presentable.

We have packaged two new screen layouts that are available for selection from the toolbar, and we have improved the way that you can save your custom layout.

  • The “Comprehensive” layout is designed for large screen displays and includes all the main charts in NEM-Watch, together with a map configuration that is designed to be easily read from a distance.
  • The “Simple” layout works for smaller screens and reduces the number of charts to the essentials.
  • The “Custom” layout stores your own configuration – simply set up the screen the way you want it and select “Save Layout” in the toolbar so that you can quickly return to your layout at any time.

New Toolbar

We have restructured the toolbar in NEM-Watch to make the individual controls clearer and simpler. Please expirement with the controls – their behaviour is immediatly visible on the screen.

NEM-Watch toolbar

Less Bugs

We have repaired one or two bugs that have been found in NEM-Watch since the last release:

  • In some circumstances the dates reported in NEM-Watch alarms for events in predispatch were a day out, this has been repaired, and these dates are now reported correctly.
  • On Vista and later, it was sometimes not possible to open a Market Notice to view the whole text. This has been repaired and clicking on an entry in the Market Notices window will now open and display the full notice.
  • The Market Notices window was disappearing from the bottom of the screen for some displays, but this has now been repaired and the Market Notices window now behaves like any other window in NEM-Watch.