Frequently Asked Questions, about the “RenewEconomy Widget”

Question 1)  Why do we not show the ACT?

We understand that the ACT is of interest to a number of people as a particular point of focus (you might live/work there, or you might be involved in the “100% renewable by 2020” project.

Commercial Focus -> we don’t show the effect of the commercial contracts struck by the ACT government for the same reason we don’t show the effect of any other commercial contract between wholesale buyer and seller.  In other words, the Live Supply & Demand widget is focused physically (i.e. on the location where electricity is physically produced, and consumed), not commercially.

The ACT Government’s high profile “100% Renewable” project would be great subject matter for another widget, which would need to be specifically focused on that topic.  We’d love to develop this (and already have some ideas for how it would work, and look) for a willing sponsor, at some point in the future.  If you are interested, please call (+61 7 3368 4064) and let us know.

Physical Focus -> we don’t even show the ACT physically on the Live Supply & Demand widget because the data pertaining to the territory is subsumed into the NSW Region, in terms of how the NEM is structured.  Hence you should read demand in the NSW region as the sum of both demand in the NSW State (the lion’s share) plus demand in the ACT.  There is not too much generation actually within the ACT boundary.

Question 2)  Why have we forgotten the NT?

We have not forgotten the Northern Territory, we just don’t have access to the same sort of data that we’d need to use in order to add this into the widget.  If you can help us with that task, we’d be keen to hear from you!

Question 3)  to be added…

More to come…




If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, don’t hesitate to provide us your feedback directly (or you can just call us on +61 7 3368 4064).