Timeline of Developments

Popular NEM-Watch Fuel Mix Widget upgraded to a “Live Supply and Demand Widget”

As noted here in this article on Wattclarity about the commencement of operations at what’s currently “the world’s biggest battery” in South Australia, we have upgraded the popular NEM-Watch Fuel Mix widget to show both sides of the battery operation. Here’s the view from WattClarity: The upgraded widget is being […]

“I am impressed by your almost live data graph of NEM data for Australia.  Coming from South Australia (and a rooftop PV early adoptor) I am interested in how our wind and solar are contributing over the day.”

Rod Munro

24th May 2016

“Love the live feed generation data link. It’s very interesting to see how things change through the course of the day and week.Cheers and keep up the great work,”

Sean Leiper

23rd May 2016

“For me, this little bar graph on RenewEconomy is essential viewing.  I look forward to seeing the various current real-time generation sources, and keep hoping for the wind to blow and sun to shine 24 hours each day.  Much more accurate than looking out my window at Hazelwood power station, and prettier too.”


Lorraine Bull

3rd of April 2016

“I have today discovered your online widget whilst doing some fact finding about the situation here in Tasmania and was thrilled to see the live data from our power generation sources, thank you!

Thanks again for such a great tool, it’s very interesting to hear about our little states predicament and to be able to source this info in such an easy to view way is great.”


31st of March 2016