Tips for Use – Situational Awareness

Your copy of NEM-Watch has been designed to help you remain aware of what’s happening in Australia’s National Electricity Market – both:

  • During the exciting periods of volatility; and, perhaps even more importantly
  • As creeping changes unfold across the market, or in certain corners.

Over more than 15 years we’ve served thousands of people with the NEM-Watch application – and have received much feedback from these clients.

What’s clear to us is that the clients who gain the most value from the software adopt the following strategies to maximise the benefits they gain, in terms of heightened situational awareness:

Use a display screen




You have a choice – you can install NEM-Watch on your own PC, or you can adopt the approach that will help to maximise your benefits – by installing NEM-Watch on a stand-alone display screen.

This is even better if you can position this display screen in a location that is part of the ordinary daily rhythm of your team. We have seen this work:

  • In reception areas;
  • In frequently used meeting rooms;
  • On a big display screen in the wall of your working area.

The alternative (installing on your own PC) means that it’s only accessible to you, and when you’re in the office. That’s probably not a recipe for maximising the benefits broadly across your organisation.

Run it 24x7x365




The second step, on your display machine, is to have it running NEM-Watch continuously as a dashboard display.

Just leave it running 24x7x365 and, to save power when your office is closed, just turn the screen off.

Don’t set a screensaver, as this will impact on the performance of NEM-Watch Alarms when you are out fo the office.

Configure the screen




NEM-Watch is installed, out-of-the-box, with a couple of pre-set configurations for different screen resolutions.

However we expect all clients will configure the display (map elements, and charts and tables) to deliver the screen that best reinforces your organisation’s own positioning – be that:

  • A particular region, or group of regions; and/or
  • Interest in particular generation technology (e.g. maybe gas-fired plant, or maybe renewable technology); and/or
  • Interest in particular aspects of the market

Don’t forget to “Save my Layout” when you have configured the screen the way you like it.

Set alerts




Part of your team’s enhanced situational awareness will come from having a clear display in a communal area.

This can be reinforced by configuring, within NEM-Watch, a range of email alerts that can email or SMS a set group of people when certain criteria are met, such as:

  • Prices being high (or low)
  • Demand being high (or low)
  • Reserve Plant Margin being tight
  • Weather conditions being extreme
  • Etc…

Explain your purpose




When you are in the process of establishing the NEM-Watch display, we’ve seen that it is best to explain your purpose to the team more broadly.

Once your team understand why the NEM-Watch screen is being established, past experience suggests that they will be more aware of what NEM-Watch is making them aware of.

Let the team know




As a company, we operate with “Customer’s First” as core value.

For this reason we are very, very keen to help any of your team, if they need a hand in understanding what it is that they are looking at – please let them know to:

  • Call +61 7 3368 4064
  • Email us, preferably including a snapshot of what it is they are looking at

For instance, you might also want to let your team know that we will occasionally post about interesting events in the market

  • At WattClarity here; and/or
  • On Twitter here