Tips for Use – Education and Training

With your copy of NEM-Watch, you have an excellent opportunity to achieve a broad level of education and training about important aspects of how the NEM operates.

What’s more:

  • This training opportunity is accessible to you year-round;
  • It’s available for your entire team at their convenience (or your entire organisation) and can even deliver value to other stakeholders for your organisation – like your customers and your suppliers;
  • Education is accessible at your office, on the job (no need to go to the expense and inconvenience of travelling offsite); and
  • The learnings that NEM-Watch facilitates can layer on top of each other through the year, as your team’s level of understanding builds.

To maximise the benefits from this training, we recommend the following course of action.


Interact with NEM-Watch


If you’re not running NEM-Watch, it’s natural that your team won’t get any benefit from it. Yet that’s something we have seen some clients do, on occasions.

We recommend you run NEM-Watch as a permanent display on a display machine that’s visible to all the people who can benefit from the insights that can be gleaned as the market operates.


Run NEM-Watch centrally


If you see the market behaving in certain ways that you want to point out to people

You can do this manually, with the “save a snapshot” functionality.

This is also possible, ahead of time, by configuring email alerts (with “attach a snapshot”) set to market criteria of particular interest.

Once you have started to build your own electronic library of market snapshots, you will find them useful on future occasions when you want to point out particular aspects of NEM operations.


Save examples for future use


It’s even possible to use NEM-Watch in real-time during more formal training or team development sessions within your organisation – just run the copy live on the display screen in the training room (or convene around the permanent display screen outside) to walk people through the key points about the NEM you want to cover.