Tips for Use – Communication

We firmly believe that “a picture paints 1000 words”, and have developed NEM-Watch such that you can reinforce the message you’re trying to convey:

  • In your written report;
  • In your presentation;
  • In your blog post or tweet;
  • In your press release or media article;
  • Through plain ole’ face-to-face conversation.

Here’s some tips to help you ensure you can use NEM-Watch to enhance your communications with highest effectiveness:


Save screenshots for later use


We’ll assume you’ve already set up your copy of NEM-Watch in a permanent central display for situational awareness and education & training.

With this copy running, you can easily save snapshots of market events for later use in your communications:

1) You can do this straight from the screen itself (and save to an electronic library you start to develop), or

2) You can configure email alerts to send you (and others) an image of the screen when your alert criteria are met.



Reuse these images


Next time you’re searching for the words to illustrate your message about a particular nuance of the market, don’t forget to look back on this electronic library to see if you have already saved

We also don’t mind you utilising images we post on our WattClarity® market commentary site – so long as you attribute (with a URL) where you sourced them from:



Individual charts can also be saved


Just use the functionality built into these NEM-Watch charts to save the image of a particular chart in your electronic library

This page here provides you details of how you can do this.

This NEM-Watch portal has been updated to include these examples of usage, highlighting how other clients have used NEM-Watch to paint a clear picture – and hence reinforce their message. This might give you some ideas….