Tips for Use – Active Analysis

Your copy of NEM-Watch provides you several different mechanisms to help perform some specifically targeted analysis, to help you understand some of the reasons behind what’s been happening in the market recently.

Based on numerous conversations with a broad range of clients over the years, we want to highlight some of the most useful (though sometimes overlooked) pieces of functionality built into the application:


Drill-in through the market map


Across many of the components of the map, we have included

Simply click on the chart symbol and a chart will open to provide more context to that particular aspect of the market. This includes:

  • Interconnector flows, limits and price spread;
  • Regional supply and demand reference;
  • Cumulative price trend;
  • Reserve plant margin across the whole NEM
  • Reserve plant margin for a particular Economic Island.




One of the other specific pieces of functionality that clients have come to see as a valued component in NEM-Watch since we created this for v5 (in 2003) is the “Playback” functionality.

With Playback you can track back through the recent history stored in your NEM-Watch database to see how the market unfolded over a period of time.




Similar to Playback, with Playforward you walk sequentially through AEMO’s current “P30” predispatch forecast to observe the interaction of price, demand and other parameters as AEMO expects them to be – out till 4am tomorrow, or the day after.