Pricing to start new licences

We provide several different models of NEM-Watch for your enjoyment – these are described here.


In particular please note the following:

(a) Because NEM-Watch operates off a local copy of a database updated through the application, NEM-Watch is licensed on a per PC basis.

(b) For those organisations who would like to use a large number of copies, we offer discounts in multiples of 5 (e.g. 5 for the price of 4, 10 for the price of 7, etc…). These are definitely worth your while, if you want more than just 1 or 2 copies.

This page contains more details about how you can get started. It is a pretty simple process and should only take a couple of minutes (especially as you have the software already installed).


Renewal pricing

This comparison page lists prices for new licences to NEM-Watch. You should note that:

(a) We offer discounts for clients who renew their licences before they expire.

(b) What’s more, we offer larger “early-bird” discounts for those who renew & pay their licences more than 6 weeks prior to licence expiry.

We offer “early bird” renewal discounts as we can reduce our administration costs if clients complete their renewals early – hence we’d like to share those benefits with those who do.

Something you might want to note in your calendar – more than 6 weeks prior to expiry.


Model Upgrades

Should you wish to upgrade from one model to another, please give us a call (+61 7 3368 4064) as we will be able to prorate the upgrade fee over the remaining term of your existing licence