With NEM-Watch, one of the main features we’ve found that clients are often unaware of has been the ability to configure alarms referenced to the data updated by NEM-Watch. Hence we’d like to highlight this ability to you.

Use the NEM-Watch interface to add in your own alarms that are checked either locally (i.e. within your copy of NEM-Watch itself) or remotely (i.e. on a data server we run continuously to update your NEM-Watch application).


Local Alarms

As the name suggested, these alarms are those which are checked each time your copy of NEM-Watch updates new data.

Hence, your copy of NEM-Watch MUST be running in order for these alarms to trigger. It does not need to be maximised, though – NEM-Watch can run minimised (and use a very small amount of resources) whilst checking your alarms on an ongoing basis.


Click on the “Alarms” button on the main menu bar to configure your own alarms:

a) You’ll first need to give a title to your alarms in order that  you can easily identify it later.

b) Define the Alarm Criteria which need to be met for the alarm to be triggered. This is done using the drop-down menus which provide you access to the queries you can configure. Most of the data received by NEM-Watch can be checked in this Alarm Criteria.

c) Join multiple alarm criteria using “AND”, “OR”, “AND NOT” and “OR NOT” operators.

d) For each Alarm Criteria you can then select any of a list of multiple Actions which NEM-Watch will trigger, based on what you select:

i. Visual alerts (the region or interconnector will flash, as appropriate)

ii. Audible alerts (we provide a couple of sample WAV file for you to use, but you can use any of your own)

iii. Pop-up alerts (a small message box will pop up)

iv. Email alerts (to yourself, or a practically unlimited number of people).

These alarms can also email additional pieces of information, such as what the data value was that triggered the alarm, and a summary of what was occuring in the market at the time.

v. External application: NEM-Watch can be configured to start any external application you point it to.


You will note we have included a couple of pre-configured alarms into NEM-Watch by default. Feel free to delete or change these alarms if you so desire.


Remote Alarms

Remote alarms are only available with the Platinum licence. When a user purchases a platinum licence the Remote Alarms feature will be enabled. If the Remote Alarms are not enabled please contact support. Remote alarms enable you to send SMS alerts based on rules that you have created or configured using NEM-Watch’s remote alarms feature.

As the name suggest, remote alarms will run even if your local copy of NEM-Watch is not running.

In order to send an alarm the user must have credits remaining in their account. The credits are maintained by Global-Roam and should never run out. Each time an SMS Alarm is sent from your account the credit total will be decremented. The only time the credits may run out is if an alarm has been set up incorrectly and triggers excessively for a long period of time. Please contact support if your credits have run out.

To find out more about remote alarms, please click here.