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If you’re just new to NEM-Watch (or even a seasoned hand), we’d invite you to consider these tips for use that are designed to help you gain the most from your licence (or even, in the short term, on your trial) – particularly in relation to the 4 areas of value we strive to deliver with NEM-Watch:


Situational Awareness




Your copy of NEM-Watch can help to keep you aware of what’s most important in the dynamic National Electricity Market.

This can be the case for you, and for your whole team – no matter where they are located.

But the value you gain will be related to how many of these recommendations you follow.


Active Analysis




Your copy of NEM-Watch can also help with your own context-sensitive, active analysis.

Again, we’ve included these tips here that will help you maximise the value you obtain from the software.


Education and Training




Even just a single copy of NEM-Watch on display can serve as an excellent educational tool:

  • Onsite
  • Year-round
  • For you, and your whole team.

Here’s some tips that will help you secure the most benefits for your organisation.






Your copy of NEM-Watch has been specially designed with several elements that can help you paint a clear picture, to reinforce your message.

Here are some tips that will help in your use of NEM-Watch in these communications.




If you’re puzzling about some particular aspect of the NEM-Watch application itself, we have prepared a whole series of pages that can help you to understand what it is you’re looking at, or how to use a particular feature.


About the data


We’ve prepared a few pages that explain the way the data is delivered to NEM-Watch, and provided an explanation of the data supplied by providers including:

– The AEMO

ASX Energy

APVI Solar

The BOM; and

– Several Miscellaneous data feeds.


About the map component




A central feature of NEM-Watch is the clearly recognisable map component, which has been developed (and refined over more than 10 years) to convey a significant volume of information, and make it readily understandable, in a single screen.

This page provides an explanation of the various elements that come together in making up your NEM-Watch map.


Charts and tables




On top of your NEM-Watch dashboard, you can configure your selection of a broad range of pre-configured charts and tables (then save as your default layout) to focus on the aspects of the market that are most relevant to you, and your team.

This page provides links to explanations of all of the tables and charts provided in NEM-Watch






Contributing to your ability to achieve situational awareness, and helping in communications (both internally and externally) is your ability to configure, in NEM-Watch, a variety of alarms.

Here’s an explanation of what you can achieve with alarms, and how to configure them


Other components




There are other elements within your copy of NEM-Watch that don’t fit in the categories above.

These are explained on this page.

Of course, please call (+61 7 3368 4064) or email us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


Communication functions




Specifically to assist you in communicating your insights with others, there are several communications functions built into NEM-Watch.

To help you in learning about them, we have prepared some information here about how to use these components.


Commercial details




Commercial details relating to starting a new licence are provided on the “Get Started” page here.

If you’re already up and running with NEM-Watch, you might also be interested in these notes about:

– Renewing your licence (especially saving more with the “early-bird” discount);

– Upgrading from your existing model to a higher model; and/or

– Purchase of more licences.