Situational Awareness

Australia’s National Electricity Market is a complex machine.

The AEMO (the market operator) publishes gigabytes of data, each and every day. Much of this is freely accessible on the web. The catch, however, is that there’s so much data it’s almost impossible to see the woods for the trees.

NEM-Watch eliminates that problem by helping you focus on what’s most important in a market overview.

From a cost of around $1000, NEM-Watch frees up a great many hours you’d otherwise be spending to develop a similar dashboard – couldn’t that time be put to more productive use for you, at work (or at home)?

Over more than 15 years in serving thousands of people who’ve come and gone in the NEM, we’ve progressively enhanced NEM-Watch to keep pace with market developments (the drought in 2007, the growth of wind and then, in 2015, the growing role that solar PV is starting to play in meeting a growing share of electricity demand). These upgrades are passed through to all of our current clients, at no added charge, as part of their existing licence to the product.

One of the first things people learn when they encounter the NEM for the first time is that extreme volatility possible in the market – from $30 to $13,000 and back down again, all in 10 minutes. That’s potentially $30 Million changing hands in that short period. A NEM-Watch display during such displays of such volatility draws an audience of interested observers – which delivers useful benefits to you at several levels.

However, often unremarked is the quieter benefit that accrues, each and every day (when most days are much more “boring”, in relative terms) as your entire team can progressively become more familiar with emerging trends in the market without even trying, with the colour-coded display running as a 24×7 dashboard in the background where all can see.

You won’t even need to be watching the screen however – simply configure a set of alerts within NEM-Watch to have it let you know (by sound, by email or by SMS) when something changes in the market that’s of interest. If NEM-Watch sends you an email it can attach a snapshot of current operations so you can understand some of the context, whilst you’re out on the road.

Without even knowing what questions they should be asking, your team (and your customers & other stakeholders, if you share the display in a common area, like your foyer) can grows in their understanding of the nuances that become apparent in an industry (of electricity supply) that’s vitally important to Australia’s standard of living – and represents a large share in the emissions burden of the country.

Given that we’ve been able to deliver value to thousands of industry participants, observers and commentators over the years in a range of roles from the top of the organisational chart to the bottom, there’s a good chance that NEM-Watch will also deliver you value. Some of these clients have since upgraded from NEM-Watch to other (more detailed) products we supply to them – but their need for a dashboard providing Situational Awareness has not gone away, and in fact the need has heightened.