Education & Training

We all remember our favourite teacher from our school days. Chances are that this teacher made good use of props to bring the subject matter to life, instead of just writing reams and reams of text on the front board.

Given that it’s a clear dashboard that what’s happening in the market, you’ll understand how much easier it will be to explain to others how the market works if you can use NEM-Watch as a prop – so they can see, every 5 minutes, the dispatch interval tick over and:

(a) New prices come in for each region

(b) Demand change;

(c) Fuel type mix change;

(d) Interconnector flows change;Etc…


How much money do you spend on training for your team each year?

To attend an offsite training course, there’s the direct cost of the course for a start – but add to this the cost of travel and accommodation, and time away from the office and I’m sure you’ve seen how these expenses add up. What’s perhaps the biggest killer, though, is that it’s only those who are on the course that directly benefit – not to mention that much of the material might be forgotten a month or two later.

Can we suggest an alternative – whereby these learnings are accessible to everyone in the team, and layered progressively through a whole year as the market unfolds (presenting different outcomes as it does). When the price moves, or something else significant happens in the market, your team can gather around the screen for those few moments to collectively explore and deepen their understanding of the complex nuances inherent in the NEM.

In these days when everyone’s dollar needs to stretch further, for a little more than $1000 you can deliver this progressively layered learning for your whole team throughout the whole year.