Active Analysis

NEM-Watch is designed to help you answer questions you might not have even known you could have (or should have) asked. Such as:

(a) How does current demand level compare with what AEMO had forecast recently for this summer or winter period in their annual forecasting update? Is what we are currently seeing above or below expectations?

(b) How does the current spot price relate into averages for the current quarter? What this might mean in the contracts market – and hence how might it feed into retail prices?

(c) How is the Instantaneous Reserve Plant Margin trending? Hence how much might bidding behaviour be currently impacting on prices in the spot market.


17810762_lWith specially designed context-sensitive links you’re able to drill into more detail within the NEM-Watch application.

If you are after the ability to perform your own detailed analysis, then our companion product NEM-Review might be better suited to this purpose. The basic level of drill-in functionality in NEM-Watch might satisfy your needs with common questions that arise in the light of what’s happening in the market at the current point in time.

Please send us your details (below) and we will be happy to learn of your specific situation and hence discuss how we can best meet your needs.