System / Network Requirements


To install NEM-Watch you will need a PC and network configuration that matches these System / Network Requirements.


Installation and Activation Instructions

To install and activate NEM-Watch you will need:


  • The installer, available from the link below.
  • Your GR-ID (username and password) to activate your licence. If you don’t already have a GR-ID please visit our Global-Roam Secure Website
  • Access to the internet. See the System / Network Requirements for details of the specific URL’s that NEM-Watch needs to access for data and licencing.


Follow these simple steps:


  1. Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen (Windows requires you to have local administrator rights to install software).
  2. When the installer completes, run NEM-Watch. You will be prompted to activate your licence. Use your GR-ID to do this.
  3. Enjoy!!!


Install Package

NEM-Watch v10.1.2 Installer


Licence Agreement

Please review this agreement, which applies to your use of NEM-Watch.