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It’s only a few steps to get started with your annual licence (should only take a few minutes):


1) If you don’t already have a gr-ID account gr-ID then you can quickly register one here for free


2) Choose which model you want here (or call us +61 7 3368 4064) and we can help you identify what suits your needs best.

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3) Review our standard NEM-Watch licence conditions (download from this page) which apply to your purchased licence


4) Place your order on our secure site and pay by credit card online, or print your Tax Invoice to pay within 14 days by EFT


5) Download the NEM-Watch installer from this downloads page


6) Install on your Windows PC – you’ll need your IT Administrator to do this, and they might want to refer to this System Requirements page


7) Activate (using the gr-ID account gr-ID) and Enjoy.